Small Asteroid to Safely Pass Close to Earth Sunday

Small Asteroid
On September 7, 2014, a small asteroid named as 2014 RC will be passing safely very close to Earth. It will be making closest approach on 2:18 pm EDT (11:18 PDT/18:18 UTC) based on current calculations and it will be roughly over New Zealand. According to the estimation of astronomers and its reflected brightness it is estimated that the asteroid is about 60 feet (20 meters) in size. This asteroid was first discovered on the night of 31 August by Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona & independently detected the next night by the Pan- STARRS 1 telescope located on the summit of Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii.

During the closest approach of asteroid 2.10 RC, approximately it will be on one tenth of the distance from the center of our Earth to moon or we can say about 40,000 kilometers (25,000 miles).  The apparent magnitude of the asteroid during this time will be about 11.5, rendering it unobservable to unaided eye but the amateur astronomers with small telescope might sight the fast moving appearance of this near Earth asteroid.

It is stated that the 2014 RC asteroid will be passing below the Earth & geosynchronous ring of communication and weather satellites orbiting about 36,000 km (22,000 miles) over the surface of our planet. Though the asteroid is very close to the Earth, it doesn’t create any threat to Earth and satellites but due to its close approach the researchers will have very unique opportunity to observe and learn about the asteroids.

While the closest approach of this asteroid will not impact Earth but its orbit will be bringing it back to our planet’s neighborhood in future. The future motion of the asteroid will be closely monitored but no future threatening Earth encounters have been identified.


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