Search of life on Mars Planet

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Minds of entire scientists and astronomers are searching for a clue and presence of life on mars planet. For this purpose number of research have been made on martial surface as well as also tested number of experiments but till the moment non of them have been able to find a single life on mars planet.  Scientists have provided number of reasons that life once existed on mars planet. Out of number of reasons the orbit of the planet is one cause Mars planet lie within the habitable zone which for the Sun currently extends from just beyond Planet Venus to about semi major axis of Mars Planet. At the time of perihelion, the planet dips inside this reason but the thin atmosphere of the planet prevents the liquid water from existing over the large regions for extended periods. The evidence of past flow of the water shows that the planet is potential for habitability. According to recent new research and evidence it is suggested that any water present on the surface of the Mars planet may have been too salty as well as acidic to support the regular terrestrial life.

Due to the different reasons it is stated that once the planet was significantly more habitable than its today. For now the challenges for the mars planet are the lack of magnetosphere and extremely thin atmosphere. Mars planet has few heat transfers across the surface as well as poor insulation against bombardment of the solar wind & lack of sufficient atmospheric pressure to retain water in liquid form. The planet is closely or perhaps totally, geologically dead. As far as all recycling of chemicals and minerals between the surface of the planet and interior of the planet has stopped due to the end of the volcanic activity. And all these evidence suggested that once there was significantly more habitable than its today but still whether living organisms are ever existed or not is still unknown.

There was positive result while making research and experiments carried by the Viking probes of the mid 1970s which was designed to detect microorganisms in Martial soil at their respective landing sites, as well as temporary increase of CO2 production on exposure to water and nutrients. But later the sign of life was disputed by scientists. They suggested that all the data from Viking cannot be done in the light of modern knowledge of extremophile forms of life as well as also suggested that Viking tests were not such a sophisticated enough to detect the form of life. The entire test made could have killed (hypothetical) the form of life. The research and test made by the Phoenix Mars lander have shown the presence of very alkaline pH and which contains magnesium, sodium, potassium & chloride. Soil nutrients may be able to help to support the life but the life would still have to be shielded from the strong ultraviolet light.

Some interesting shapes have been found in meteorite ALH84001 at the Johnson Space Center Lab which is thought to have originated from the Mars Planet. Some of the scientists also suggested that these geometric shapes could be fossilized microbes extent of Mars before the meteorite was blasted in the space by a meteor strike & sent on 15 million year voyage to the Earth. Exclusively inorganic origins for the shapes have also been proposed.

Recently evidence is detected by the Mars orbiters that small quantities of methane & formaldehyde which are both claimed to be possible proof of life, these chemical compounds quickly break down in the atmosphere of mars planet. Alternatively, these compounds may instead be replenished by volcanic or other geological means like serpentinization.



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