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As well as know that Mars planet is fourth planet from the sun in our solar system and which is also second smallest planet in our Solar system after the Mercury planet.  Here this blog is going to write about interesting facts about the Mars Planet which are found by present researches.

Mars has tallest volcanic mountain in our Solar System: it is found that Mars planet has one of the tallest mountain which is about 22 kilometer from the surface of the planet and it is named as Olympus Mons. As compare with the Mount Everest it is three times as tall as Mount Everest from the sea level. Olympus Mons is one of the youngest of the large volcanoes on Mars planet which is located at the western hemisphere of the planet at approximately 18.65°N 226.2°E.

Largest Dust Storms in the Solar System: Mars has the largest dust storms which can last for months & cover entire the planet.

Almost No Atmosphere: it is said that the planet has very thin layer of atmosphere which is similar to no atmosphere. The atmosphere on planet consists of about 95% of carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1.6% argon and traces amount of water and oxygen. So if we tried to stand on the surface of the Mars planet without any oxygen than we will die immediately. As well as it also has freezing cold temperature.

The orbital time period of Mars planet is 687 (Earth Days) which is double the Earth and the solar day is slightly longer than our Earth; it has solar day of 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35.244 seconds. The Martian year is equal to 1 year 320 days and 18.2 hours as compare with the Earth or we can say the martial year is equal to 1.8809 Earth years.

Mars planet is easily seen with our naked eyes from the Earth. The diameter of the planet is approx. half of our earth and less dense than our earth. Due to the high presence of iron (III) oxide which is commonly known as hematite or rust, its appearance is red-orange.

Planet is the host to five functioning spacecrafts; they are Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. These three spacecrafts are present in orbit. And two on the surface of Mars and they are Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity and Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity.

The Atmosphere of the planet is composed of 95.97% carbon dioxide, 1.93% argon, 1.89% nitrogen, 0.146% oxygen, 0.0557% carbon monoxide, 210 ppm water vapor, 100 ppm nitric oxide, 15 ppm molecular hydrogen, 2.5 ppm neon, 850 ppb HDO, 300 ppb krypton, 130 ppb formaldehyde, 80 ppb xenon, 18 ppb hydrogen peroxide, 10 ppb methane etc.


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