The Milky Way Galaxy Fact

The Milky Way GalaxyInto the universe there lots of galaxies are present, nearest galaxy present in the universe from us is Andromeda Galaxy. Milky Way galaxy is our galaxy where the entire solar system is present. For the Milky Way galaxy we sometime also call it as home galaxy of solar system and our earth. With the help of study made till now it is proved and agreed that the Milky Way galaxy is barred spiral galaxy and also assumed that the galaxy contain 100 to 400 billion of stars together with assume that it contains at least 50 billion planets. Out of this 50 billion around 500 million could be located in habitable zones of parent stars. According to the latest and new suggestion it is said that there may be up to twice as many free floating planets in the our galaxy i.e Milky Way galaxy. If we see the position of our solar system than it is present in halfway out from center; at the inner edge of Orion Cygnus Arm. Sun orbit around center of galaxy in a galactic year that is once in every 225 to 250 million Earth’s year.

If we calculate the average size of the Milky Way galaxy than it is approximately about 100,000 light years (30 kiloparsec, 9x107) in diameter and have thickness of average about 1000 ly (0.3 kpc). In Milky Way galaxy it is estimated that it contains at least 100 billions of stars and up to 400 billion stars.

Appearance of Milky galaxy
What are the stars that we use to seen in the sky at night time those stars are the part of Milky Way galaxy. But for the purpose of astronomical activities of observing celestial sphere Milky Way is limited to hazy band of the white light arching around whole night sky. Those Lights which is originated from some unresolved stars & some other heavenly material that lies within galactic plane. The galaxy Milky Way has relatively low surface brightness +4.5 to +5 apparent magnitude. This Galaxy is visible at the limiting magnitudes of +5.1 or higher. This means the visibility is highly affected by how bright night sky is due to the light pollution, light from moon. The Milky Way galaxy cannot be seen from urban or the suburban area due to the light pollutions but will be clear while seeing from rural areas.

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