Mars planet is Red Planet: Why?

Red Planet MarsAs I have already mention about the different characteristics and introductions of mars planet. But now lets talk about why the mars planet is red planet? As I have already mentioned that Mars planet is fourth planet while looking the order of our solar system which comes after the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth. Since the planet is discovered in the Universe all scientist and experts are giving much more keen interest about the physical characteristic, compositions and the structures of the planet. For the research scientist also have sent voyagers and they have been success to provide numbers of facts and information such as different pictures, soil character etc. but still people on the earth are thinking why the Mars Planet is a red planet? This is one of the great question for the people on the earth. So lets read about it.

Mars A Red PlanetMars planet is also visible from the earth with our naked eyes but it appears as red in sky. Why it is so? This would be one of the great question to most of the people. The main reason to say Mercury planet as Red Planet is due to the presence of iron oxide on it & the iron oxide is commonly referred as rust. As you also might have seen how rust looks like. Yes it looks like red orange. Due to presence of lots of iron oxide on the planet the appearance of the planet is red-orange which is also visible from the earth. Only the planet Venus and the sun & moon are brighter than this planet which has magnitude of 2.9.

Mars A Red PlanetIf we talk about the general physical characteristics of Mars planet than it measures only half of radius of our earth and also have lower density as compared to Earth. Beside from iron oxide the soil of the Mars Planet have other elements like chloride, magnesium and potassium.

Due to the low atmospheric pressure there is the possibility of having liquid water present on it. Generally the Mars planet consist of 1.6% of argon, 3% of nitrogen and 95% of carbon dioxide. Little traces of water & oxygen have found on the planet. Methane is present in the atmosphere. The scientist have found the number of impact of the comets as well as the volcanic activities on the Mars planet. Mars A Red PlanetThere are also such thing as the serpentinization in the mars planet which is non biological process. It involves the key elements like carbon dioxide, olivine and water. It is estimated that the distance between the Mars planet and the sun is nearly about 230 million kilometers. Most interesting fact about the planet is it’s orbital period which is set at 687 days. As earth has changing seasons similarly the Mars planet also have changing seasons called aphelion and perihelion.

Q: Why the Mars Planet is Red Planet:
Ans: Mars Planet is called Red Planet because it has iron oxide which make it to view as red. OR Due to the presence of Iron oxide in the soil of Mars Planet is looks Red.

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